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iXXXi JEWELRY measure your ringsize
Within our iXXXi JEWELRY-collection there are different base ring sizes to choose from. In addition to different ring sizes, there are also different widths and colors. The widths vary from 8mm to 16mm and are available in the plating colors: gold, rose gold, silver and black. If you want to know the best way to measure your ring size, read this handy step-by-step plan. You will also find tips on how to check what size fillring you need.

iXXXi JEWELRY measure your ring size

Which ring sizes are there?

iXXXi JEWELRY uses different ring sizes. The base rings consist of whole and half ring sizes, starting at ring size 15 through 21. The smallest size is size 15, following size 15,5, then 16, 16,5 and go on. This size is measured by the inside diameter of the ring.

iXXXi JEWELRY measure your ring

Which size fillring do i need for my base ring?

We can understand that the different base- and fillring sizes can cause confusion. Therefore, we have provided a table below that explains which size fillrings fits which size base ring. Do you have a whole size base ring? Then in most cases, except for base ring size 16, you’ve got the same size fillring. Do you have a half size base ring? In that case you’ll need a fillring half size larger than your base ring. For example: If you have a base ring in size 16,5, you’ll need a size 17 fillring from our iXXXi collection. If you have a base ring in size 17,5, you’ll need size 18 fillrings etcetera.

iXXXi JEWELRY measure your ring size table

How do i measure my own ring size?

Do you have no idea what size iXXXi ring fits you best? No problem! Here we list a few methods how you can easily find out your iXXXi ring size.

Method 1: print your ring size
This method is useful if you want to compare different sizes. Through this link you will find a number of documents at the bottom of the page that you can print at home. In these documents you can find the different widths including the ring size. The sizes are shown with strips and you can easily cut them out.


Cut out the strip of the width and size you want to fit and wrap it around your finger. If the striped area is completely covered, that's the right size for you. Make sure the strip also fits over the knuckle of the finger. After all, this is the widest part of your finger.

Method 2: print your ring mold
This is helpful if you want to measure your current ring size. Print the document via this link. Take a ring of yourself that fits you well (preferably a somewhat wider ring). Put the ring on the printed ring template and see which one fits exactly. This is your iXXXi ring size.


Method 3: use a ruler
The third method is to use a ruler. Take a ring of yourself that fits well and put it on the ruler. Measure the inside of the ring. The number of millimeters is your iXXXi ring size.

iXXXi JEWELRY measure your ringsize with ruler
We always advise to measure your ring size at an official iXXXi dealer when buying a new ring. In this way, you can check if the ring size fits, and if you find the width of the ring comfortable.

Different ring sizes in the summer/winter

Did you know that you can have multiple ring sizes for one finger? Depending on whether it is summer or winter, your hands may expand due to the heat, or shrink slightly due to the cold. Most people need a larger ring size in the summer than in the winter. That's why many people have what are called "summer" and "winter" rings. In addition, your fingers can expand or shrink when your hormone levels change, or when you retain a lot of fluid.

Therefore, when buying a ring, always make sure that your hands are not too hot or too cold. This can affect your ring size. It is best to measure your size at room temperature.

Wide rings are tighter

The rings of iXXXi JEWELRY are wider than the 'standard' rings. Therefore, you need with an iXXXi ring generally 1 to 1.5 size larger than your standard ring size. So, if you normally have a size 17, chances are that you will need size 18 or 18.5 from iXXXi ring. When you wear very wide rings, your hands and fingers can also get warmer during the day. This may cause your ring to have a tighter fit. Therefore, always try on your ring at an iXXXi dealer, so you can check what size you have and what width iXXXi base ring is most comfortable for you.


Do you have narrow fingers? Then our XS Collection is the perfect solution! This line consists of an 8mm wide base ring in the plating colors gold, rose gold, silver and black, and is available in sizes 15 and 15.5. Especially for these base rings, we made a selection of our best-selling fillrings and added them in size 15 and 16. These fillrings fit the base rings size 15 and 15.5. Please note! The XS Collection does not fit our size 16 base ring.

The fillrings from the XS Collection are also lovely to wear next to your iXXXi ring combination. The fillrings size 15 fit as normal ring size 17, and the fillrings size 16 fit as normal ring size 18, so you can match them very nicely with your other iXXXi rings. View the entire XS-collection here!