La collection Printemps/Eté 2023 est sortie !
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iXXXi JEWELRY Anniversary collectiON

‘‘The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate!’’

‘'Cheers to 10 years of iXXXi JEWELRY!' That's what the new autumn/winter 2023 Anniversary collection is all about. iXXXi JEWELRY celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and to celebrate, a festive collection has been released. The collection consists of a number of sparkling jewelry sets, some old familiar items in a new plating color and several striking new bracelet designs. In short, a collection to make you shine again! 



Let’s get the party started

This autumn, you can no longer ignore the jewelry sets of iXXXi, consisting of various items and designs, with which you can complete your entire iXXXi look in no time. These include various 2mm and 4mm fillrings, earrings, pendants for both earrings and an iXXXi necklace and a number of unique bracelet designs. The items are released in the plating colors gold, rose gold and silver and some items in the color black.



From something old to something new

Some familiar designs like the 'Modern', 'Power', 'Enjoy' and 'Bohemian Black' all return in this collection, but in a new plating color. What do you think of the 'Modern' and 'Power' fillrings in plating black? We love it! Get ready for a new season of mix and match, because these items can again be perfectly combined with each other and other items from the iXXXi JEWELRY collection. 




For this anniversary year, also the iXXXi MEN collection has been enriched again with 15 new bracelet designs, three new rings and two new necklaces. This addition consists of a beautiful balance between beaded bracelets and items made of stainless steel and some braided bracelets made of genuine Spanish leather.  

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iXXXi Fame

Cet automne, nous ajoutons huit nouvelles bagues à notre collection iXXXi Fame. Cet ajout consiste en un merveilleux équilibre d'articles robustes et délicats qui ajouteront une touche de fraîcheur ou d'éclat à votre look. Les noms des bagues individuelles sont inspirés de l'univers... et vous donneront l'impression d'être une star !