ixxxi cadeautips valentijnsdag

Next week it’s Valentine’s Day! The day of love and an excellent excuse to be extra kind to one another. Do you want to give a subtle hint in advance to your lover? Or are you looking for a nice gift to give? iXXXi JEWELRY will help you find the perfect gift with these handy gift tips. Your Valentine’s Day will be complete with these beauties!

ixxxi ring rode zirconias

In love with red!

Red roses. Cards with red hearts… If there is one color that screams ‘Valentine’ it is red! The perfect color to match in a beautiful ring combination! Combine your ring with 1 zirconia fill ring for a subtle effect. Here you see the ‘Wave’ fill ring combined with the ‘Hammerite’ in silver, the ‘Dancer’, the ‘Zirconia light siam (red zirconia in a black ring) and the confetti fill ring. The combination of silvertones mixed with black and red gives this ring all the extra spice it needs!

rong rose bruin witte achtergrond

Brown and rosé… it’s a match!

Because rose gold is a very warm color for a base jewel, it matches really well with other warm colors such as brown. Because we think brown and pink go along well we have styled off brown fill rings with pink zirconia. The Top Part with ‘drusy’ variation binds the whole together beautifully. What you see here? From left to right: the ‘Hammerite’ (2mm in brown), Zirconia Pink, the ‘Elegance’ in rose gold, with the 6mm 1 zirconia with pink stone, and the sandblasted in the color brown. Très chic, non?

armbanden duotone

Arm candy with duotone bracelets

A bracelet (or two) is always a good idea! These fine bracelets really demonstrate the power of fine jewelry. Through the special combination of steel mixed with a gold plating you have a piece of jewelry that always fits! Whether you get one or 2 (or give 1 or 2, right? Giving is also an option…) they will always fit!

ring zilver en roze

Love is… pink with silver!

If this doesn’t conquer your heart… Then Cupid will get a spontanuous identity crisis! In this combination you see from left to right the ‘Zirconia 14 stones crystal’ with the ‘1 cateye pink’, ‘6mm 1 zirconia pink’ the zirconia pink and the ‘Symbol heart’. Are you falling for this ring?

2 hearts collier ixxxi

2 Hearts

Two hearts as one, that’s something you realy see in this beautiful pendant. The golden is an elegant jewel that goed with any Valentines outfit! The ‘2 Hearts’ pendant is combined with a 40cm necklace.

rose ring heart

Rose gold romance

This sweet ring is totally fun for Valentine’s Day! The combination of black and rose gold makes tough and sweet at the same time. What you need for this combination? The ‘Lucky knot’, a Top Part ring with Heart Top Part, and de Wheat Knot. Stylish!

ear studs top parts valentijn

Top Parts for your ear studs!

The fun thing about ear studs with Top Parts is that you can create a different combination for every occasion. If you have several sets of Top Parts then you can vary with it endlessly. And by the way… This is a gift your lover will absolutely love to give to you on Valentine’s Day. (Hint.. hint… 😊 )

Don't forget the men!

iXXXi MEN has a extensive collection of beautiful men’s jewelry. So check out your local dealer for the best gifts for him! You will find your nearest dealer via our storelocator.

Happy Valentines day!