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The collection of iXXXi FAME consist of a selection of single rings that differ in design, appearance, but also in thickness of the ring. FAME rings vary in widths: 1mm, 2mm and 4mm, so you choose which width ring suits you best. The rings are available in different price ranges.

With the single rings of iXXXi FAME you can mix and match endlessly. The rings are made of stainless steel and are besides the color silver also available in the plating colors gold and rose gold. Different shapes, zirconia's and striking designs can all be found in this collection. You can wear the rings separately and/or combine several rings together. It's up to you! Do you find it difficult to choose from the range of FAME rings and could you use some help? Then visit our Instagram page and get inspired by our visuals and ambassadors.

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Wondering what ring size you need of the iXXXi FAME rings? The single rings are available in iXXXi sizes 16 to 19. Through the table below you can find out which iXXXi FAME size you need. Of course, you can also visit our official iXXXi FAME dealers near you.