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Your taste, your combination

Create your own iXXXi Connect bracelet!

Start by measuring your wrist size (behind your knuckle) and add 2 cm to determine your bracelet size. Then choose the chains and/or links and connector links you want to use and add them together to arrive at your bracelet length.

1: Choose your chains and/or links

2: Choose your connecting links

You connect the chains and links by adding connecting links.

3: Choose your charms

Add a charm to make your bracelet even more personal.

4: Your taste, your combination

Wrist size is 17 cm + 2 cm = 19 cm (minimum length required)

1. Chain Anna7,3 cm
2. Chain Connect4,3 cm
3. Link Zirconia1,4 cm
4. Link Twisted1,4 cm
5. Connecting link Click Connect1,2 cm
6. Connecting link Click Connect1,2 cm
7. Connecting link Click Connect1,2 cm
8. Connecting link Click Heart1,4 cm
Total lenght bracelet19,4 cm ✓

Note! For each part (chain and links) add a connecting link otherwise you cannot connect them.

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