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iXXXi Connect Chains and Links

Proud to announce... our new concept iXXXi Connect. iXXXi Connect offers the freedom and possibility to create your own bracelets and necklaces. You can vary endlessly with the stainless steel chains, links and connecting links in the plating color of your choice. iXXXi Connect is available in the plating colors gold, rose gold and silver.

You put together an iXXXi Connect piece of jewelry by connecting different chains, links and connecting links. There are different types and lengths of chains included in the collection. The chains consist of different designs in terms of links, such as flat links, round links and links that flow into each other in a kind of braided way. In addition, there is also a necklace available with pearls. Also, the links all have different looks. For example, there is an iXXXi Connect link available with zirconias, one with a smooth design and one with a 'twisted' look. It's up to you which chains, links and connecting links you choose when putting together your personal jewelry. 

Buy chains and links?

Put your iXXXi Connect jewelry together by choosing from the various chains, links and connecting links and connecting them with each other. Once you have chosen your chains and links, add connecting links to complete your jewelry. View all chains and links here.